We respect your privacy and will never sell or distribute your personal details.

If asked to supply personal data TJ Taylor guarantees that the handling of all information received, whether by email, registration, or electronic form, strictly adheres to the rights and obligations conferred in decree no. 196, of 30 June 2003 and any modifications thereof as issued by the Italian government.

In accordance with the above decree, article 13, we inform you that:

  1. all data requested, whether through obligatory or optional data entry forms, is strictly necessary for the provision of the service requested;
  2. no data will be distributed, sold or communicated to third parties;
  3. all personal data supplied by the users of the website or acquired in the procedure of our business activities are subject to the restrictions and conditions of the aforementioned law, may be recorded electronically or manually, and may be used for the following purposes only:
    a) to execute a service or operation contractually mandated;
    b) to conform with legal and financial obligations;
    c) to send technical data, information and materials;
    d) to develop new commercial contacts;
    e) to aid marketing activities;
  4. all data will be held under secure conditions at our offices, and only for the period of time allowed by law;
  5. all personal data held by the company will be handled only by qualified employees and/or collaborators.

Any related party has the right to exercise the provisions outlined in article 7 of the above decree, specifically:

  1. to obtain confirmation of the existence or status of their related personal data, even if not registered for any service, and communication of the data in an intelligible form;
  2. to obtain information on:
    a) the origin of the personal data;
    b) the purposes and procedures of its use;
    c) the processing of the data in the case of the use of electronic tools;
    d) the identification of the owner, the executives, and the designated representative according to article 5 comma 2;
    e) the purpose and any possible reasons for which personal data may be communicated to qualified representatives or agents of the Italian government;
  3. to obtain:
    a) an update or rectification of any related personal data;
    b) the removal, rendering anonymous, or blocking of use of data handled in violation of the law, including that for which it is not necessary to conserve according to the objectives for which it was requested or collected;
    c) confirmation of the operations carried out as outlined in parts a) and b), the contents thereof, and persons to which the data were communicated, except in the case that this requires a workload which is grossly disproportionate to the nature of the rights stated above;
  4. to offer, as a whole or in part:
    a) for legitimate reasons the handling of your personal data only if pertinent to the objective of the collection of data;
    b) the handling of your personal data for the purposes of the distribution of marketing material or direct selling or for market research or commercial communication.

Moreover, at any time, exercising the right of cancellation from all the requested services, you may request the complete cancellation of all supplied data. In which case the company will carry out the requested operation, withholding only those data demanded by the requirements or obligations of the law.

We declare that the possessor of all personal data is TJ Taylor Limited (Italy), and that the Managing Director, Alex Taylor, is responsible for the handling of personal data, located in Milan, Viale Bianca Maria 24.

For any explanation of the use of personal data, requests for confirmation of the existence of personal data in our records, or requests for the modification or deletion of personal data, please send an email to info@trainingmanager.info, indicating clearly the information or action requested.

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